Listen to Babbz’s debut EP ‘Pineapple Juice’

Featuring Tim Lyre

The Nigerian pop scene is regularly updated with new sounds from artists. Buoyed by its global domination and access to world class production, each day (and especially Friday) is attended by new music from some of the most innovative and experimental acts in the game. Earlier today, Babbz was part of the stream of releases, kick-starting his year with his debut EP titled ‘Pineapple Juice’ and his official signing to Dr Sid’s Zero Gravity Records.


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Lined with warm melodies and a consistently groovy bounce, the 5-track project is juicy much like the fruit it’s named after. Babbz’s energetic vocals are suffused in stories of love, lust and its numerous in-betweens, all presented with disarming simplicity.

Opening track “Energy” enthusiastically sets the pace for the rest of the project as Babbz reaches out for love with an optimistic outlook. ‘Anybody wey try to stop my shine, dem go see fire,’ he sings on the impressionable “Fyah,” a song where his vocal strengths come to the fore. Coasting over the chilled production, he’s unrelenting in the way young people can be, the vast breadth of their dreams ahead of them and for the taking.

The project’s focus is in the hedonistic and sensual, the throbbing of bodies and every other song, from Tim Lyre-assisted “Pineapple Juice” to “Falling” and the closer, “Spiritual Loving,” is in someway connected to that idea. You’d likely catch a groove to their inviting percussions, or Babbz’s cajoling singing cadences, which is a teasing ode to the dance floor and all the fun that follows it.

Stream ‘Pineapple Juice’ below.

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