We ask a few Nigerians what they are looking forward to this December

Looks like most people are looking forward to NATIVELAND!

The music industry in Nigeria is innately performance-based, which stems from the fact that the industry is mostly singles-driven as opposed to full length projects, which can stand the yearly rotations in music charts, DJ sets and clubs everywhere.

This is why December is a peak period for the whole entertainment industry, as it is the season when many artists are being booked for parties and shows or headlining their own concerts. As a result, the sustainability of their music throughout the year determines the crowd they can pull and keep the attention of all Christmas.

Cue in Detty December, which will leave everyone drained with the amount of activities there are every single day. As we reach the end of the year again, many Nigerians are looking forward to resting from the events of the year and winding down at the many events and concerts packed into the bite-sized holiday.

Before we know it, we’ll be in January, missing all the parties and festivities. So before it even begins in full swing, we’ve spoken to a few Nigerians living in Lagos about what they’re looking forward to the most from the festive season.

Honestly just looking forward to all the concerts and events, especially NATIVELAND cause the line up is always interesting every year. Also might see my grandma this year so I’m happy about that.

N, 21, F.

Looking forward to the shows tbh. And Eat Drink Festival is always pretty cool.

F, 24, M.

Partying with friends. it’s been a long year and we all deserve to go a little crazy.

J, 21, F.

NATIVELAND and any other concert that has the Chop Life Crew on the lineup.

D, 24, M.

Looking forward to eating too much at parties and on Christmas day with my family.

D, 25, F.

Well I’ll be skipping December in Lagos this year. I’m Igbo, so it was either I go to the village or I travel and I decided to travel. I am looking forward to swimming with the dolphins.

E, 30, F.

Hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a while and definitely riding the boat with Megan the Stallion.

S, 24, F.

I am looking forward to not going to church for crossover service. Also NATIVELAND but after that I’m not going for any other events at all.

S, 24, M.

Well I’m a hot girl so I am definitely looking forward to working these knees with Megan on stage! Also looking forward to Santi’s headline concert in Lagos. Mandy and the Jungle was the best album this year!

L, 21, F.

I am looking forward to NATIVELAND! NATIVE never disappoints. Year after year, Native has constantly given the culture what it needs and I expect this year will be no different. So I guess I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the experience whatever it might be.

O, 26, F.

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