6 videos you should see this week

Portraits of Lagos, Elon Musk's A.I. anxiety and more pop culture videos

Soti – “Eko Remix” Feat. Falz

Despite the allure of the city and the dreams it promises, Lagos isn’t exactly the ideal place to live in. On “Eko (Remix)”, Soti’s latest release, she features Falz for an ode to the city that sells dreams as fast as it crushes them. In the hands of Paul Gambit, the director behind the colorful video for “Eko (Remix)”, this sense of uncertainty comes to life through an array of spontaneous shots, showing a beautiful birds-eye view of the city, people working at a construction site, people counting money in their office, and people sitting at their office desks. Although the song’s lyrics were already pretty clear, the follow-up video portrays the reality it described more vividly.

Anthony Bourdain – “Parts Unknown”


The 3rd episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown (Season 10)” is set in Lagos Nigeria, where the now deceased chef and author got to experience some of the city’s “high-energy and entrepreneurial spirit”. His journey is documented in a 42-minute video that has now earned an award for “Outstanding Picture Editing For A Nonfiction Program” at this year’s Emmys. The mood of the video seems to mirror the frenzy and contrast that exists in the city, opening with scenes of ambition driven rowdy markets and a pacy drum score for background music. The video goes on to show the luxurious side of the city through an interview with Banky W and club owner, Shina Peller before showing the more rural and unsupervised Makoko community. He eventually gets into the food business at hand, trying out the local cuisine. The episode has been described by Bourdain saying, “our episode in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the true highlights of the season and a piece of work I’m very proud of” on his online journal.

Hennessy Cypher – “Team Reminisce”

Although Hennessy VS Class offers rap battles, where the winner of the prestigious Hip-hop competition is announced, the Hennessy Cypher exhibitions often delivers the more entertaining moments of the competition. Team Reminisce set the standard for the show with a performance featuring Ifex G, Bobbi Phillie and Oladips —three rappers from across the country, who embellish their bars with their indigenous traits.

Kanye West & Lil Pump – “I Love It” Feat. Adele Givens

When the pictures of Kanye West in his over-sized slides surfaced on the internet, many chalked it up as another oh-so-Kanye avant-garde shoe design. And though the slides have already gone viral in its own right, it still came off as a big reveal when Kanye and Lil Pump put out the video for “I Love It”, wearing magnified clothes. The video, executive produced by Spike Jonze, debuted at the Pornhub Awards, where Kanye was the creative director. The bizarre scene reflects the song’s eccentric lyrics with Kanye singing “I’m a sick fuck/I like a quick fuck” five times.

Cassper Nyovest – “Gets Getsa 2.0”

Cassper Nyovest’s latest single, “Gets Gesta 2.0”, scratches the trendy itch for 90’s nostalgia through a remake of “Get Gesta” by Kwaito legend, Doc Shebeleza. The house instrumentals are however modified to an hip-hop bounce courtesy of Gemini Major’s production. Cassper raps in his indigenous language, delivering cocky lines to heighten the party mood of the song. The video director shoots the video for “Gets Gesta 2.0” on a bright day, showing Cassper Nyovest performing at a front porch before appearing at a car showcase in the night.

Elon Musk – “Joe Rogan Experience podcast”

Elon Musk has seen a lot of media attention recently with the latest being his appearance on Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He sat down with the shows host and spoke about a wide variety of topic for the 2-hour duration of the video. Though the conversation was informal enough to contain some blunt words (and an actual marijuana blunt), Elon addressed several purposeful topics like the dangers of artificial intelligence, the justice system, social media culture, global warming and naturally, some of the more lesser-known interesting functions of the Tesla.

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