The Shuffle: 2Baba’s “E Be Like Say” is a timeless socio-political anthem

Solidifying 2Baba as a legitimate pop star with a subversive message

Released in 2006, “E Be Like Say” is one of the first laid bricks in the cathedral of 2Baba’s mythology. Though his ‘Face 2 Face’ album debut already laid down the foundation for his socio-political agenda, it wasn’t till two years later when he released the followup project, ‘Grass 2 Grace’ that 2Baba’s name (then 2Face) was solidified as a legitimate pop star with a subversive message.

He has since continued to put out politically conscious songs, recently getting commissioned by INEC for the “Not For Sale” campaign song during the 2019 elections. But what makes “E Be Like Say” so distinct is how it transcends eras to become timeless political expression. Like any of his best songs, he places beautiful songwriting into mortal conflict with bitingly cynical lyrics that could be addressed at an unfaithful lover; “Looking back through all the years that you and I have spent together/ It seems like you’ve been playing me all along”. It’s a gimmick that worked to make the song more compelling and stirring for listeners who could relate with his feelings of being let down by a government he had put his trust in.

In the scheme of things today, 2Baba’s “E Be Like Say” is a brick through a window that doesn’t look any less brutal. These past few weeks have been rather rough on Nigerians with the Xenophobia attacks on Nigerians in South Africa, the government’s proposal for an increment in value-added tax which translates to a higher cost of living and news of a serial killer taking lives of women in Port Harcourt. Though the police have paraded a suspect, Mr Gracious David Wes, as the convicted murderer for the killings, it’s only natural to retain a healthy dose of scepticism with the reveal coming so quickly and without anything to indicate that due process of investigation was followed before he was convicted of the murders.

It’s just like the memorable lines from the song, “E be like say you want to tell me another story again oh/E be like say you want act another movie again oh/ E be like say you want to code another coding again oh”. 2Baba recognizes how hard it is to trust a government that never seems to fail to disappoint.

Stream 2Baba’s “E Be Like Say” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/official2baba
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