007 has left the building: James Bond star, Roger Moore passes away

The greatest Bond to ever do it is no more.

Words By Ehimenim Agweh

Today, the James Bond franchise lost one of their men who played the dashing super agent on screen. Sir Roger Moore, passed away at his home in Switzerland after a ‘short but brave’ battle with cancer say his children in an official statement.

Sir Roger Moore who was aged 89, first became the 007 character in 1973. He also had the record of being the longest serving James Bond for 12 years in an acting career that spanned the course of  four decades. In 2003, he was knighted by the Queen for ‘services to charity.’During his lifetime, he was also a published author.

Sir Moore was a veteran actor who was involved with UNICEF as a part of his humanitarian efforts. His family has announced that a private funeral will be held in Monaco where he lived with his wife, Kristina Tholstrup.

Sir Roger Moore will always be remembered as the best James Bond to ever grace the screen and an actor worthy of his craft.

Featured Image Credits: News/Laser Time