5 Takeaways From NATIVE Sound Radio’s Special “Runaway” Episode

The pilot episode is available on Mixcloud

It’s official, NATIVE Sound Radio live is back and better than ever. Last year, the NATIVE launched a new vertical, NATIVE Sound Radio Live, a radio show exclusively on No Signal, a black radio station which  kicked off amid the difficulties of COVID-19 lockdown and has grown into a success story. The radio show which was hosted by Managing Editor, Tami Makinde hosted a number of guests in the previous season and cut across talking points such as music, style, fashion, societal issues, popular culture and more. 

Now, NATIVE Sound Radio Live is back for its second season. The pilot episode of the season was a special “Runaway” episode which featured a new host, Wonu Osikoya, Managing Editor of the editorial arm, Tami Makinde and the Project Manager of NATIVE Sound System, Kulupsy.

The “Runaway” episode was inspired by the release of NATIVE Sound System’s debut single “Runaway” featuring Ayra Starr & Lojay, two of the most promising voices of the new generation. Through the episode, Kulupsy took us through the process of creating the record, how the features came about and a lot more.

Here are 5 major takeaways from the first episode of the new season.

Creating The Record “Runaway”

“Runaway” was initially worked on at a recording camp in London two years ago by New World Ray and DJ Sholz. However, last year, Lojay recorded on the beat New World Ray had started creating, spurning something very special. Yet, it wasn’t until Ayra’s part was added to the song and its production fine tuned over a number of sessions, that the “Runaway” we know today came about. 


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Some Collaborators On The Album

The NATIVE Sound System album is 90% ready, as we’re told by Kuluspy. Already, the album is shaping up to be one of the finer collaborations from this side of the world with features and production credits from a diverse range of artists and producers, including Chubbz, Teezee, Sholz, as well as the Genio and GMK of the Monster Boys, who were also executive producers on the project. The album also features producers such as Trill Xoe, New World Ray, Adey and more.


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Dafe Oboro Made A Magical Video

The video for “Runaway” is an undeniable visual feast and we can all agree that Dafe Oboro, its director created something very special. The video told an amazing story about two children who grew up, then grew apart but after a long while found themselves again and continued their love story. Everything about the video was exceptional from the storytelling to the costuming by MOMO Lagos. 

The Album Is Almost Here

If you’re familiar with The NATIVE, then this shouldn’t take you by surprise as the NATIVE has teased a forthcoming album for a while and now, project manager Kulupsy has confirmed that the album is coming sooner than we expect. She also shared the album will feature Afro highlife duo, The Cavemen as well as the two artists on the lead single off the project, Ayra Starr and Lojay. 

The Album Ties Around 4 Seasons

The NATIVE album ties around 4 seasons, the Rainy season, Harmattan, Christmas and summer, and the record “Runaway” falls under the rainy season on the project. The album is also centred around familiar voices and new sounds as Kulupsy, the album’s project manager reinforces throughout our conversation.


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Run back the pilot episode of NATIVE Sound Radio below.

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