Straffitti teams up with Blaqbonez and PsychoYP for unapologetic new single, “100BENZ”

Glorifying the trap lifestyle with flashy brags and gun-toting machismo

Since his debut, it has been easy to criticize Straffitti for his penchant for using his music as a medium to send violent threats to his haters. It stands to reason that if one warning isn’t enough to stop the hate, a hundred warnings isn’t going to make much of a difference. But there’s a levity to “100BENZ”, his new single featuring Blaqbonez and PsychoYP. Despite the bass heavy trap beat GClef and JohnsonIP produce with percussion samples and layers of synths, there’s a peculiar guitar riff sample that is so sweet, it counterbalances the potential severity of their lyrics.

While glorifying the trap lifestyle with flashy brags and gun-toting machismo, all three rappers infuse enough of their personalities to give a more wholesome perspective to the lifestyle. With a verse from each rapper, Blaqbonez and PsychoYP let slip that their actual issues are with their lovers. And even Straffitti sounds happy to give away all his money for some head. If he is trying to sell listeners on his street life, “100Benz” is a convincing tale about the rash lifestyle of young people trying to make their way on the street.

You can stream “100BENZ” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/straffitti
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