Straffitti and Rastavelli collaborate for new single, “JABO”

Celebrating the trap lifestyle

Anyone who pays attention to music charts around the world knows by now that Trap music is just as accomplished as the more conscious hip-hop songs. If Straffitti’s feature on M.I’s recent ‘Rendezvous’ project attests to his proficiency in the booth, his latest single, “JABO” featuring Rastavelli is proof that the rapper has a long career ahead of him, both as a musician and cultural icon.

JohnsonIP’s airy production for “JABO” uses atmospheric synths to provide a grand cinematic ambiance that ushers listeners into the rappers’ crime leaven universe, where they’re “Heading To The Star Though/ Know The Shit Ain’t Random Cause (They’ve) Been Working For Days/ Spray Them Haters With An AK47”. Though their celebrating outlook on the life of crime isn’t peculiar to Nigerian music with the hero treatment often given to internet fraudsters, it feels right at home on their trap song. And with Rastavelli’s verse infusing some street influenced vocals, “JABO” is a brilliant instance where art imitates life.

Stream Straffitti’s “JABO” featuring Rastavelli below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/straffitti

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