NATIVE TIME ISSUE: Mowalola the many faced girl

Mowalola, The Many-Faced Girl

It’s been 47 minutes since Mowalola’s website went live and every piece was sold out. If that’s not enough indication of her influence on the fashion scene, we might have to remind you that she has just been appointed as the Design Director of Yeezy’s recent collaboration with GAP.

For the first cover in our TIME issue, Mowalola had an intimate conversation with close friend and artist Odunsi The Engine, where they talk about predicting the end of the world, MTV raising a whole generation, and feeling alienated in their various industries. Click here for full story

Interview: Odunsi The Engine
Introduction: Seni Saraki
Photography: Aidan Zamiri
Hair: Issac Poleon
Hair Assistant: Harriet Beidleman
Make-Up: Grace Sinnott
Nails: Sylvie Macmillan
Creative Assistant: Emma Ehimiaghe
Body Double: Emmanuelle Loca-Gisquet
Videography: Barbara Broadley
Production: Object & Animal
Producer: Millie Yoxen
Production Assistant: Ivan Stoyanov
Digital Operator: Laura Heckford
Light Assistant: Arthur Comley
Location: Gas Studio