NATIVE SOUND SYSTEM relaunch show on NTS Radio

Breaking the latest sounds from Lagos

In our constant mission to identify, analyse and champion the music of tomorrow; today, The NATIVE partnered with NTS radio for a monthly show, helmed by NATIVE SOUND SYSTEM- Addy Edgal & Sholzstiltippin. After two seasons of breaking new African sounds to the online radio’s global audience, the duo have returned for a third season with an updated schedule program from a monthly show to a biweekly show.

NATIVE SOUNDSYSTEM’s commitment to being the first to showcase up and coming African music talents means listeners can discover new songs and artists before their Apple Music and Spotify-loving friends can. With the increased airtime, the NATIVE SOUNDSYSTEM have more slots to highlight more hidden gems from Africa and the pilot episode curated by Sholzstilltippin’ features an excellently curated music selection from Zinzi, Odunsi, Ictooicy, New World Ray, Madison2500, Mojo and other emerging artists. The DJ shows off his reputation as an insider in Africa’s music scene as he features unreleased cuts from Zinzi and StanleyGTK.

NATIVE’s aim to document our African culture finds more life through the NATIVE SOUND SYSTEM who also host parties around the world where the magazines are sold. Sholz explained how it evolved from the radio show was birth from the editorial guide.

“It evolved from the need to soundtrack what the NATIVE brand is doing. The magazine has done a good job of representing the visual aspect and the editorial gives the perspective of the NATIVE brand. But NATIVE SOUND SYSTEM is kinda like the radio that’s playing in the car. It’s the soundtrack of the brand and the lifestyle that we live.”

Listen to the pilot episode below.

Featured image credits/NATIVESOUNDSYSTEM

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