Loti’s “Talk Too Much” is a warning and a bop

One of the three tracks from his 'StopOvers' collection

Even the most forward-thinking hip-hop heads could not have foreseen the rap climate we now live in, where auto-tune is welcome, mumble rap is fashionable and a singing rapper has the whole world’s attention. Drake’s dominance atop Billboard charts has birthed a generation of artists unafraid to express their more emotional side through melodic singing performances. Loti’s new single, “Talk Too Much” borrows from the cadence of singing-rap, slinking between boastful and threatening lines aimed at competition and lines about his relationship woes. Over the bouncy trap beat, his literate rap verses build to a swinging hook where his vocals swell capably. And despite his best effort at wryly self-aware lyrics like “They Say That I’m Scum”, “Talk Too Much” listens like a bop.

You can stream Loti’s “Talk Too Much” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/rnbloti
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