itsMOSA Shares Debut Music Video For “Still”

in support of last year's debut album, 'Colours I Hear'

R&B music might be teetering on the fringes of the Nigerian music mainstream, but there is an ample amount of artists who are still devotees of the genre. One such figure is itsMOSA, a veteran singer and producer, mostly known for his production work TY Bello’s classic “Greenland” record. Last year, itsMOSA released his long-awaited debut album, ‘Colours I Hear’, a finely aggregated contemporary R&B project with an Electronic edge. In support of the critically acclaimed album, the singer has just put out the music video for the fourth track, “Still”, as his debut video.

Set to the sombre piano chords and gently blaring synth drums Mosa self-produces, the singer addresses an aloof love interest, trying to convince her of the depth of his feelings, and get her to reciprocate with the same level of intensity. For the rather simple and efficient music video Mosa self-directs for “Still”, the singer is captured performing his lyrics with a cool candour, while a beautiful model performs her dance routines to highlight the songs boisterous vibe. All of this takes place in a plain background that is slightly decorated by visual effects, to add some pizzazz.

Watch the video for itsMOSA’s “Still” here.