Wavy TheCreator’s new single, “GTA”, featuring Akuchi is not suitable for kids under 18

But we aren't the police so I guess it's cool

Rockstar’s action-adventure video game, “GTA” inspires for WavyTheCreator’s latest single of the same name featuring Akuchi. According to the track’s description, the new single is titled “GTA” because Wavy and Akuchi “made this track while (they) played GTA.” . “GTA” embodies the violence, nudity and coarse language of  its muse.


An ambient atmosphere and nihilistic beat glean some of this rawness. Even Wavy’s delicate, belied by power and subtly complex vocals is couched in the track, too risqué for innocent ears. Her voice melds atop, around, and inside the beat, sounding increasingly distant behind her. Akuchi’s brash rap verse about his money-driven compulsion however forces it farther into the background, emphasizing Wavy’s unrivaled ability to perform uplifting hooks.

Stream Wavy Thecreator and Akuchi’s “GTA” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/wavythecreator

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