Best New Music: Get on the “Ghana Bounce” with Ajebutter22
Best New Music: Get on the “Ghana Bounce” with Ajebutter22

Best New Music: Get on the “Ghana Bounce” with Ajebutter22

Another unlikely hit from the king of one-liners and catchphrases

At the rise of neo-Afropop thanks to the infusion of electronic dance music with African sounds in the 2010s came Ajebutter22. Ajebutter22 is not a man whose grand plan has never been evident to anyone. The rapper’s choice to tag his music “alte”, is a diminutive attempt to carve his own genre, away from industry square-pegging.

Despite sharing the same candid humour style as Falz, and the ultra-laidbackness of BOJ, it’s unlikely you would allude his delivery to anything you may have heard elsewhere. This is in part due to is use of imagery with a mix of social commentary and feel-good themes tied to cheeky one-liners. But mostly thanks to a artist-producer synergy like no other shared with production group, Studio Magic.

As the name implies, Ajebutter22, new single is hinged on the same Marimba-infused baseline bounce mimicked with steel pans on Mr Eazi’s “Skintight” and Runtown’s “Mad Over You” . It’s however not as distinctive as you would expect considering the entire song seems to have been built around the idea of an audio bounce. But the intended double etendre soon becomes evident in Ajebutter22’s raunchy delivery of verses and hooks where he repeatedly asks his lover to show him the “Ghana Bounce”, presumably with her butt cheeks.

Ajebutter22 has done well to consistently appear on the charts with at least one radio-hit every year, the most any one can do in an over-saturated soundscape like Afropop’s. Though “Ghana Bounce” leans slightly into Ghanapop, there is also a slight indication nobody could’ve possibly re-purposed the sexy drum-based sound like Ajebutter22 without reaching “Pana” level corny. As stated earlier, Ajebutter22’s grand plan may not seem evident to anyone, but he doesn’t seem to be on the same journey with anyone else either. And it may be unlikely he even needs a plan where he is headed.

Stream Ajebutter22’s “Ghana Bounce” via Apple Music below

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