Listen to Deena Ade and Bella Alubo’s endearing single, “Savage”

Showing off the underrated strength in passionate emotions

“Savage” isn’t a love song, as much as a platform to show off the underrated strength in passionate emotions. Doubling up on the themes from her The Cries of my Subconsciousness EP, Deena Ade performs an ode to her tender affection for a love interest over an immaculately moonlit house beat Tiwa Dara produces minimally with layered synth harmonies, soft piano chords progressions and a preppy Afro-house drum riff that keeps to a steady pace with uplifting horn samples.

Singing “Baby, Your Loving Got Me Drunk, Hennessy Drunk/ Make Me Believe I Need You, Yes I Do” in her dreamy alto, Deena Ade’s lyrics are so endearingly sweet and subtle, it almost blurs out sentiments that are more graphic: “This pussy popping for you/ And if anyone tries to breakup what we got, I will die on the matter baby, I’m boko haram”. While the chorus for “Savage” is loudly chanted, Bella Alubo’s vocals is silvery, registering barely above a whisper at first, then gathering momentum as she joins Deena to weaponize her emotions, singing, “I Know you need my fire/ It’s a Cold World, it’s a Jungle”.

You can stream “Savage” by Deena Ade and Bella Alubo below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/deenaade

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