Watch the End SARS inspired 2D-animation ‘Days To Follow’


To honour the victims affected by the 2020 End SARS protests, Nigerian filmmaker and director Jamila Dankaro has recently put together an End SARS inspired 2D-animated film. Debuting on the memorial of the Lekki massacre, the film adeptly tells the story of two Nigerian sister’s whose lives are changed after attending the protests. 

Written and directed by Dankaro herself, ‘Days To Follow’ touches on the bitter truth of the lives of police brutality victims and the afthermath of their encounters when justice is never met. It highlights the realities of what a few or more might have experienced during the protest which have been disregarded or hidden from the media.

Dankaro says she chose the medium of animation to tell the story because she wanted to the playfulness of the colours and characters to offset the film’s weighty message. She says her goal was to tell a story that caused people around the world to rememeber the life-altering events of last year while doing her best to keep their trauma at bay.

She shares:

“All over the world, we (Black people) are arguing the validity of their voice and with this pain in mind, I wanted to create something to honour the families who lost loved ones. I wanted to create something for my people.”

Watch ‘Days To Follow’ below.

Featured image credits/DaysToFollow

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