Ditweni’s new single is a voice for every guy trying to break out of the friendzone

For everyone being strung along.

“Perfect lover” is the what we imagine every Ser Jorah wants to sing to their Daenerys. It tells the story of a guy letting out his frustrations about unrequited affections towards a paramour with other interests. The friend zone is as dreaded as it is famous and “Perfect Lover” is Ditweni turn in the long list of googly-eyed clueless boys.

He alternates between rapping and singing much like Drake does, and while the flow is somewhat patchy, it makes for an enjoyable listen. Rather than try to wow with clever wordplay and all the brags that usually comes with rap bars, Ditweni focuses on the song’s theme of heartache and gets his message across adequately.¬†Plus the production of the song makes up for his lack of pseudo-conceptual lyric book.

Over the upbeat drums, somber piano chords and vocal samples Ditweni produces for “Perfect Lover”, he complains about the unfair treatments he has endured with descriptive yet, conversational lyrics that almost come off as comedic; “Actually, I Dey Notice These Things You Put On Instagram/ Every Time I Read The Caption, It’s Always About A Man”. But rather than give up on his love interest, he “Remind(s Her They) Were Meant To Be Together”.

You can listen to “Perfect Lover” below.


Featured image credits: soundcloud/Detweni

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