Boddhi Satva features Badi on “Kitendi” an homage to the Sapeur subculture

Time to give the Sapeurs the praise they deserve

Man like Boddhi Satva.

It is somewhat disheartening that we rarely hear about the democratic republic of Congo, if the topic of conversation is not about its brutal history under Dutch rule, its current spate of civil wars as feudal leaders fight for control of its vast natural resources, or its often reputation as the ‘rape capital’ of the world. But Congo is more than that, and one of its biggest export is it’s subculture of African Dandies, otherwise known as Sapeurs. Their unique style and their commitment to dress good as a metaphor for self actualization has drawn attention from celebrities as big as Solange Knowles who worked with Sapeurs for her the video for her song.

But finally Sapeurs are finally getting honoured by someone who intimately understands the subculture. Central African Republic DJ, Boddhi Satva, protege of Grammy award winning producer Louie Vega and owner of label Offering Records, and one of the permanent DJ’s on the critically acclaimed Coke Studio Africa teamed up with Congolese rapper Badi to record “Kitendi”, off his sophomore album Transitions. “Kitendi“s instrumentals are a whole soupcon of influences from, oriental drums, synth organs and a contemporary hip-hop beat, mixed in Satva’s distinct style. Badi pays homage to forebears of the genre Satva calls Ancestral Soul: Stervos Niarcos, Papa Wemba and Kester Emeneya. All three helped to pioneer  “La SAPE”, the iconic fashion movement from the 1960’s that has morphed and evolved with the times and grown to influence contemporary francophone artists today.

Sans the history of “Kitendi” which means clothing in Lingala, one of Congo’s major indigenous languages, Badi is a formidable rapper, and Boddhi Satva is basically just showing off. It’s a pairing we hope we see more of.

Watch the video for “Kitendi” here.

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