Kiss Daniel is moving funny on “Yeba”

yet, it doesn't go at the expense of harmony

Kiss Daniel is an interesting fella. He has quite a good sense of humour too. I mean, if his video escapades like that of “the legend of chukka” and other funny videos on his Instagram is anything to go by. His spate of successful singles in the past year have also aroused much interest, usually turning into a typical radio number. On his new track “Yeba”, Kiss Daniel doesn’t deviate from what we’ve accustomed to him —as regards theme (of love) and narrative. But here, he merges both humour and chords into something pleasantly tantalising.

Aided by a dulcet wind instrument worked by Killertunes, “Yeba” kicks off with vocables as segue into the meat of the song. At intervals, such hmm and ahhhs and ehhhs are presented to you, keeping you engaged as you listen. Safe to say “Yeba”‘s secret charm  is in both the use of these vocables and the wind instrument. The rest of the track are drums, trumpets and do I hear a harmonica? Kiss Daniel’s singing here is captivating, curving twice in the track with a comic dialogue intended to cause laughter, and leaving you to picture the matter in your mind. And then, there’s someone coughing? This is both an exhibition and a party-mover. He’s more interested in flexing his dexterity for jokes and sketches here, yet it doesn’t go at the expense of harmony. “Yeba” proves an enviable skill to move between today’s Afrobeats and 90’s music.

Looks like we’ll be getting a sitcom as visuals to accompany this too. Peep the image snippet above. You just wait and listen to the track below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kissdaniel

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