Developing story: YCee has had it with unfair record deals

Twitter fingers deserve some credit for this one

YCee is clearly unhappy with the unfair relationship between labels and their artists. Though it’s still unclear what caused this—asides the anti-label campaign artists like Jay Z and Chance The Rapper have been championing for years—the Tinny Entertainment artists has taken to twitter to express his grievance against Freeme Digital and Michael Ugwu who apparently “Run(s) Sony Music Nigeria”.

Michael Ugwu’s Jay Z inspired tweet vexed YCee into a one sided tweet-off that resulted in his 10 tweet thread, speaking against the unjust treatment of artists in the music industry. He compared the situation to slavery just as Prince did before sidestepping record labels and opting for a Tidal deal for his HitNRun album release back in 2015. However, YCee’s displeasure with FreeMe Digital and Michael Ugwu only goes to show that even third party distribution labels can be just as selfish and parasitic towards artists.

YCee’s thread is however just one side to the story. While we wait for reactions from the other parties involved—Micheal Ugwu and FreeMe Digital—the rapper has quickly moved on to more important things which even his fans will agree is making quality music and earning a living off his talent.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/iam_ycee

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