Paradise Motel’s Release Visual for “You Can Be Bad For As Long As You Like”

A noir tale of madman's conversation with his conscience

Exploring the themes ever-present in any coming of age story, Paradise Motel’s Ego Sex is built on expressing a young man’s experiences with love, betrayal and heartbreak. Focusing solely on the conflicting emotions that come with a lover breaching your trust, “You Can Be As Bad For As You Like” is a conversation between a tortured man and his conscience. His conscience, unlike the stereotypical good cop telling him the right thing to do, blurs the line between right and wrong, telling him he can be bad for as long as he likes.

Bringing this noir tale to life, the lead singer plays the role of the brokenhearted psychologically-imbalanced boyfriend who just caught his lover cheating on him. It all goes downhill from there as he organises the murder of her side squeeze with his friends. He also goes on with his friends to ditch the body in a river and abduct his ex-lover who eventually dies and gets a special post-mortem golden shower.

The first in a serial roll-out, this new gory video strikes a sharp contrast against their previous gospel-centric one, perhaps hinting at an edgier Paradise Motel.

Watch “You Can Be Bad For As Long As You Like”

Featured Image Credit: Paradisemotel/Tumblr

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