Listen to Yinka’s “For you”, a song for that special someone

Yinka is one to look out for.

The emotional quality of pop ballads makes it one of the most prominent genres for music that tugs at heartstrings. Ballads are structurally designed to hijack our feelings to melodramatic acts that evoke the highs and lows of relationships. Yinka’s “For You” attempts to explore a similarly related conceptualisation.

Over the 3-minute long single produced with heavy bass shifts, string instrumentals and discontinuous horns by The Sherriff, she asserts her commitment to her partner’s wishes and desires. Cidane features to give a masculine perspective on the matter concerning the heart.

“For You” is simple and clear, but that’s not to say there’s no curveball in there. By using a boy-girl dialogue with Cidane it almost listens like an 80’s love song that somehow found its way into today’s socio-conscious climate with lyrics relating the general conversation about how scum men are.

Yinka’s debut EP is expected to be released later this year. For You is her first single since she was unveiled as the first female signee under Synthe Records.

Stream “For You” (feat. Cidane) below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/yinka.oo

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