Watch Idris King take on his haters in his music video for “Jiggy”

Wooing a love interest in true inception fashion

If there’s any common denominator that stretches across the expanse of Idris King’s music, it’s his knack for idyllic imagery. “You’re Looking Jiggy in Person. I’m Idris King, Nice to Meet Ya” is the type of phrasing that could seem overly simplistic or trite in clumsier hands, but not in the soulful way Idris King does it on “Jiggy”. The self-directed music video for “Jiggy” serves as one of the most striking, though not unexpected, videos he’s put out in a long time.

The video visually expands on the track’s lyrical themes with his attempt to woo a love interest (played by filmmaker, Ifeoma Chukwuogo) via a televised appearance on a TV screen featuring in true inception fashion. We watch the video escalate from sweetly romantic to violent when he sings, “I Don’t Play with the Cash” and proceeds to beat up a midget with his gang. But even his gun wielding gang roughing up a midget can’t save Idris King from his delightful ways as it all ends in a party.

Watch the music video for “Jiggy” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Idris King
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