Instagram Girls Don’t Impress Darkovibes Anymore on “Tomorrow”

"...Them instagram girls don't impress the boy no mo, baby you should by now..."

Time has a surprising way of making one realise his wants no longer have that glittery appeal they once had. This realisation usually triggers a paradigm shift, causing one to question his values and beliefs. For Darkovibes, the realisation that “Instagram girls” no longer appeal to him came with the need to preserve his relationship with the woman he loves.

On “Tomorrow”, he tries to convince his woman she’s the only one who does it for him while begging her to stay with him through thick and thin. He slips between language barriers, inserting choice lines of Twi and Ga while trying to convince her. Kuvie’s near pure acoustic production coupled with Darko’s language choice makes it impossible not to notice the influence of Ghanaian Highlife, one of the forerunners of the genre in West Africa.

Listen to “Tomorrow”

Featured Image Credit: Darkovibes/Instagram

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