The Black Esper’s video for “Nile Alhaji” captures his hedonist intention

Watch him risk it all for a good time

To match the themes of sex and drugs heard on the track, The Black Esper’s new video for “Nile Alhaji” sees him partying with friends and a love interest.  The characters on the song, Aisha, Sola, Femi and Alhaji are depicted in the video by actors who follow the story provided by Black Esper’s verse.

The video takes on a psychedelic tone with the trippy filters shown across the screen to mirror the intoxicating effect of the drinks and his raunchy intentions while The Black Esper lives out some of the experiences he sings about at a house party. The festive mood is cut short in the end when the father of the host walks in and dramatically kicks everyone out.

Watch the music video for The Black Esper’s “Nile Alhaji” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/The Black Esper
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