WANI teams up with Buju for new single, ‘Times Two’

The first single off his upcoming EP, Lagos City Vice

In May 2018, Wani introduced the world to his sound with his nearly perfect debut EP ‘Lagos City Vice’. Since the success of this debut EP in 2018, Wani has released only a handful of singles and sparse features, to remind us that he’s still got it and he’s not going anywhere. Now, he’s officially bringing us into the world of the Platoon-powered ‘Lagos City Vice II’, and he’s kicked off with the first single, ‘Times Two’.


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The Higo-produced track with a Buju-assist, sees both artists serenading their love interests, as they make romantic confessions to their respective muses. On the track, Buju takes stage first as he delivers the chorus of the mid-tempo love tune; “You know I got zero women in my life/gum body times one or times two/Girl you know i’m crushing on you” Buju quips on the hook. Wani comes in shortly after and spins the track in a completely different direction taking charge of his come back. Both artists display great synergy, and complement the beat nicely. 

Ahead of the song’s release, we caught up briefly with the singer about what to expect from ‘LCV II’ and his partnership with Platoon for the EP’s release. Read here:

NATIVE: It’s been a while since LCV dropped. How do you feel about it looking back?

WANI: I’m excited. It’s been such a long time since I dropped my first tape and I feel like I’ve gone through so much growth and it’s just like a growth in subject matter. Lagos City Vice I was me coming back to Lagos, and now this project is me in Lagos. All in all, I’m excited and I know my fans have been waiting for a while and with the mind space I’m in right now, I’m ready to put it out. As far as the sequel, I feel like I owe it to the people who have just been following from the beginning because I said it and I feel like I owe it to myself to just deliver.

NATIVE: How did this track come about and the collaboration with Buju?

WANI: Buju and I record a lot of music together and this particular track was actually recorded on Christmas day – a day when everyone’s meant to be with their families. Buju, Higo and I were just chilling in the studio and I was telling him about how I had no female interest in my life at the time, and I was focusing on my brand and just getting work done. This was in no way supposed to turn into a musical piece but you know how Buju is; he’s like a wizard in the studio and out of nowhere, he burst out the hook and we went back and forth for a bit and here we are?

NATIVE: So What’s the subject matter of “Times Two”? 

WANI: Buju’s definitely talking about what’s on his mind; women, time, money. I’m doing the same thing from my perspective and we just put it on a party beat so people can vibe to it, but this is definitely not one of the records on the project that you need to think way too deep about.

NATIVE: What can we then expect from the rest of the EP?

There ARE only two party records on this tape, and I put those on because I didn’t want to deviate completely from where we were last time. I know it’s been years and a lot has changed but there’s records on there that cuts really deep from the subject matter stone point. I go into different things discussing Family, Anxiety, Fear of success, Fear of failure, how i feel about leveling up and a lot more.

Listen to Times Two here:

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