The video for Niniola’s “Magun” is suggestive, but there are limits to this foreplay

another video from her "This is Me" debut from

For “Magun”, the 11th track off Niniola’s ‘This Is Me’ album debut, the singer returns to her prevailing sensual form, spinning sexual lyrics over Afro-house beats. Her confidence to explore other sounds on the album after scoring a hit with “Maradona” made for a wholesome listening experience. But after venturing into pseudo-gospel, R&B and folk, “Magun” saw her assert her dominance as the queen of the house genre and with the new video treatment, she may have a sleeper hit on her hands.

While Niniola swears that “Only The Foreplay Is Allowed For You”, the video Clarence Peters directs features some of the the most suggestive imagery ever seen from Niniola’s often seductive video catalog. She performs the song against a dark backdrop that allows the glow from the strobe lights caress her skin while lightening effects are seen in the distance. Though Niniola looks sexy in her outfit, it’s the extra casts that offer provocative shot of lip licking, seduction.

Watch the video for “Magun” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Officialniniola

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