Listen to ‘Under The Moon’, the debut EP from Chi Virgo

“I really want ‘Under the Moon’ to be an introduction to my style – it’s my way of saying ‘Hi I’m here, I’ve finally arrived!’"

She’s in the pages of Dazed China for Valentino, i-D for Mowalola, she’s one of 1xBlue’s favourite faces and a proud Eytys ambassador. Chi Virgo has always loved modelling – one of her childhood hobbies included parading around in oversized heels (belonging to her mother) – but living out her childhood fantasies doesn’t end with all-day shoots commencing at the crack of dawn. The young Rachel (nicknamed Rachie from which we get ‘Chi’) would be proud and excited to see that her solo singing performances to small but supportive crowd of her mum’s friends would morph into an exciting career as a recording artist. Today, Rachel would be bubbling off the excitement of releasing of her debut body of work, ‘Under The Moon‘.

To those who are familiar with Chi Virgo, the first two tracks on the EP, “Bored” and “Bye Bye” shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you, as these were both released as singles this year. Opening up with the disgruntled fuck-buddy anthem, “Bored”, and followed up by the moodier-toned “Bye Bye – where Chi waves goodbye to a toxic ex  – ‘Under The Moon‘ explores different stages in a romantic entanglement. On “Trip”, Chi Virgo invites hip hop leaning 808s and whispered adlibs to illustrate the excited hopefulness she finds in the infant stages of the relationship, whilst “Bored” sees Chi toying around with a broken play thing, for no reason other than she has nothing better to do. “Bye Bye” delivers a new, cutting adaptation of the ‘you’re better off’ break up message, as Chi sings, “I’m calling it quits because you need to learn, you need to feel that burn,” and the project closer puts an end to all that childhood folly, as Chi proclaims she’s “On To The Next”.

A soulful singer with a rather glamorous set of pipes, Chi Virgo’s debut EP is a mere four tracks, averaging three minutes each making the extended play less than a quarter of an hour. Given it’s wanting length, “On To The Next” is a hopeful title and song, that Chi Virgo fans, no doubt increasing in number after this project, have more to expect from the rising star. Speaking with NATIVabout the EP, Chi Virgo reveals that the last song she made on the project, “Trip” was completed a year and a half ago and “Bye Bye”, one of the first songs Chi ever wrote, was the only song that was retained on ‘Under The Moon‘ as its tracklist juggled over the years. After the long road, Chi Virgo is mostly excited to get “On To The Next”, she tell us, “I’m excited because it means I can get to releasing more things, and hopefully more people will hear.

“I really want ‘Under the Moon’ to be an introduction to my style – it’s my way of saying ‘Hi I’m here, I’ve finally arrived!’”

Featured Image Credits: Chi Virgo/Instagram