We Rounded Up 10 Of The Greatest Performances From ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Best moves from top to bottom

FOX announced Monday that it has renewed the long-running dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance for its 14th season this year.

For this season, they are returning to their original setup showcasing talented dancers in the 18-30 age bracket after their last attempt with SYTYCD: The Next Generation that featured contestants between ages 8-13 did not catch on with the core SYTYCD fanbase.

We’re already looking forward to the next season, but to get you hyped for what’s coming, here are some great performances from the previous season you can revisit right away.

“I Got You” — Melanie and Marko, Season 8

In this performance, Melanie and Marko play 2 best friends who fall in love after Marko is jilted at the altar. It’s a beautiful song about not noticing what you’ve had in front of you for a long time and Melanie and Marko brought Leona Lewis’ song to life. Their chemistry is quite intense and that kiss sends a jolt all the way from there.

“Dhoom Taana” — Katee and Joshua, Season 4

Their performance isn’t legendary just because they were the first to perform a Bollywood-inspired routine. The mere fact that Katee and Joshua were able to pull off this technical high-energy choreography perfectly was a feat in itself.

“Mercy” — Katee and tWitch, Season 4

Here, Katee Shean and tWitch were paired for this performance before he was an all-star. Their typically friendly chemistry mutated as a more sexy version for this routine. Katee plays the epitome of the psycho ex-girlfriend; tWitch the definition of “too cool.” Duffy’s “Mercy” could not have been interpreted better by a different pair.

“Hip Hip Chin Chin” — Lacey and Danny, Season 3

Lacey and Danny made it impossible to forget their names with the leg work and pure sensual energy they brought to the stage. Their samba routine is pure flames. No other description works as well.

“Are You The One” — Neil and Danny, Season 3

Their routine automatically brings Interview With A Vampire to mind where Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were vampires in pre-emancipation Louisiana. Neil and Danny went head to head with a Mia Michael’s contemporary routine. The story involves two princes fighting for the throne, and Danny mentioned how in real life they are sort of fighting, in terms of the competition to be crowned America’s favourite dancer at the time.

“Fix You” — Robert and Allison, Season 8

In this very moving, personal piece, Travis Wall choreographed a routine about his mother’s surgery and his journey to help her through it. Even though the whole dance itself is beautiful, the ending walk is the big selling point. Robert and Allison gave their all, perfectly executing the routine and creating this masterpiece.

“Wicked Game” — Amy and Travis, Season 10

Season 10 winner Amy Yakima danced with Travis Wall (who also created the routine) in what might have been the perfect pairings of dancers, music and choreography. The result is an unforgettable piece of art.

“Say Something” — Amy and Robert, Season 10

This routine was about an unhealthy relationship where Amy is so dependent on partner Robert who loves her so much that he lets her drain him almost entirely, until the very end when he just can’t do it anymore and he has to walk away. Stacey Tookey choreographed this piece and Amy-Robert beautifully translated this piece.

Hometown Glory — Katee and Joshua, Season 4

Here’s another season 4 routine originally done by Katee Shean and Joshua Allen set to Adele’s “Hometown Glory” (before Adele became the biggest thing ever). This routine told the story of two individuals bent on achieving their dreams they ignore everyone else. They both murdered this routine and it’s hard to imagine another pair do it better.

“Bang Bang” — Alex and Eliana, Season 9

Alex and Eliana recreated a story of an abusive relationship where Eliana could not leave her manipulative lover. Nancy Sinatra’s song could not have been choreographed any better (except by Stacey Tookey). Notice how silent the audience was until the end of the performance? Enough said.

There have been so many wonderful performances that it was quite a tax to narrow it down to ten. Do you agree with the list? What’s your favourite SYTYCD performance?