Illgod & Timi Kei drop music video for “Respiration”

Off the pair's immaculate 'Soulsoup' album from earlier this year

In June, Port Harcourt-based hip-hop artists Timi Kei and Illgod released their collaborative album, ‘Soulsoup’, with the former handling vocal duties and the latter working behind the boards. Featuring Timi’s supremely sculpted, lived-in raps, and Illgod’s immaculate, sample-based production, the pair turned out an album that has won unanimous praise from afficionados of Nigerian rap music.

Capitalizing on the ongoing goodwill, and attempting to improve on their listening audience, the pair recently released the music video for “Respiration”, a standout selection that flexes Timi’s pyrotechnical mix of spiritual and personal lyrics, over the pristine guitar sample loop and crisp boom bap drums Illgod produces. Directed by nBeni Johnson, the video carries a DIY feel, with shots of Timi animatedly performing his raps in somewhat deserted locations, jovially embellishing the sincerity of his lyrics.

Watch the video for Illgod & Timi Kei’s “Respiration” here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Timi Kei

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