THREE’s ‘Emotion RD’ EP is an endearing mood piece

Watch the video for "East End Love" off the 4-track EP

“East End Love” is the catchiest song on ‘Emotion RD’, THREE’s diligently produced EP of soft-edged melodies and ambitious ideas. The shoulder-shrug pace is set on predominantly acoustic guitar-led harmonies serving as a rosy frame for the singer’s confessional about a breakup. Though THREE’s recount of the times before the relationship got ruined hints at a seemingly perfect union, his scathing hook—“When You Give Your Heart To Someone Who’s Not Worth It/ Just Say Bye Bye Baby, It Wasn’t Meant To Be”—suggests he couldn’t wait to be done with the relationship anyway.

Listening to the rest of the 4-track EP, THREE’s readiness to move on is given more context. On “Burning Oceans”, THREE tries to balance his singing with rapping but with the soulful beat Tom Bailey produces, singing takes centre stage as he delivers an ode to the happy times in the relationship. His readiness to “Pick (Love) Way Before The Record Deal” is highlighted on the somber number but his vocals are key to the underlying vulnerability of the relationship, his voice effortlessly mutating from calm to raw and affecting when he adds, “I Need You To Keep This Motion Flowing”.

“Bla Bla Bla” elevates the EP to soulful funk summer-jam status thanks to the deft production and vocal contribution from the featured artist, Maria Androne. While THREE details the strain lack of communication puts on relationship despite good intentions, Maria Androne gives a woman’s perspective offering that “Sometimes Things Are Complicated”.

When THREE asks “Why Won’t You Stay With Me?” on “Sunset Wounds” over a beat Mikey Fresh produces, it’s less a seduction than a challenge. His hip-hop fascination takes the driving seat as he expressly coasts through all the stages of grief — denial, questioning whose fault it was, swearing the ex won’t do better than him and the eventual brave face of moving on. It’s not the sort of raw emotions you’ll expect to hear on a hip-hop song but THREE recognizes the connection between his emotions and creativity, and how best to use his past relationships as inspiration for the EP’s direction and narrative.

Listen to THREE’s “Emotion RD” EP here:

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