Pia Mia VS Phyno: The curtain call draws near as receipts surface and Mr Eazi speaks

Phyno came with the receipts

As new revelations continue to make headlines, it has become more glaring that the suspicious imp, who was in between the two’s production of “I’m a Fan” respectively, an artist, songwriter Decarlo, didn’t actually hold the key to solving the puzzle, but was actually the key.

Adorning himself with the seemingly believable innocence of a witness testifying in court, Decarlo took to twitter to state his position on the case, to which his tweets would later come to stab him in the back.


Well, maybe Decarlo should have just kept a lid on things there, but he went on to indirectly ridicule his 2016 ally.



Phyno (& his team), who had probably been trying to stick up for the collaborator and supposed-to-be acquaintance in the very least, wasted no time to equally make an official statement, attaching screen grabs of WhatsApp discussions the two had prior to the  release of his version of “I’m a Fan” (featuring Mr Eazi and Decarlo himself), as proof to debunk Decarlo’s claims that Pia Mia’s version is the only authorised release.



Equally offended by Decarlo’s demeanour, Mr Eazi, a co-collaborator of Phyno’s 2016 released track, also took to the courtroom to testify against Decarlo with the following:




Despite the continued silence of Pia Mia and team, her name has no doubt been cleared from accusations of theft. The bone to pick however is with DeCarlo, who seemingly pitched different artists the same song with no objection to either versions going public despite giving affirmation for a release. No charges have been pressed by any of the parties involved, but all the new information we now have is enough to clarify how Pia Mia and Phyno’s similarly titled and composed, “I’m A Fan” came to be in the first place.

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