Tekno heads to Makoko for “Jogodo” music video

Featuring some of Tekno's muses

Tekno’s preference for sampling classic Afropop hits on his music releases is only one of the many reasons he has grown to become one of the most relevant Afropop artists of our generation. Asides the instant familiarity, the media can always promote the song by spinning the refix to encourage comparison and even gaslight the sampled artists to instigate beef. The latter was nearly the case for “Jogodo”, Tekno’s Danfo Driver influenced single, after the duo accused him of stealing their song. Fortunately, they were able to settle the matter amicably.

Tekno just released the video for “Jogodo” directed by Clarence Peters. The video depicts a romantic tale centered around Tekno and a love interest we assume is a ‘mammy water’ because she’s seen emerging from the sea looking fabulous. The video offers a chance to see Tekno’s choreographed dance moves, his Asian inspired wardrobe and his keenness to scout for potential hits. I mean, how else do you explain the kids shown playing music with makeshift instruments in the opening scenes of the video asides the possibility that Tekno is interested in sampling their sound.

Watch the video for Tekno’s “Jogodo” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/TeknoMilesVEVO

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