Teffy teams up with Ka$h to rep the “Culture”

Where are your bonafides? Teffy and Ka$H wanna see them.

British Nigerian rapper Teffy has had a great 2017. His first single for the year was with in-demand singer/rapper Lady Donli and properly introduced him to the new wave of young Nigerians looking for a sound different than the one that they raised to believe was the definitive Nigerian sound. By exploring other genres like Afrotrap, Teffy’s helping expand the horizons and possibilities of the ‘New Age’ Nigerian music. His second single “Culture” features afrotrap rapper Ka$H of the Kashlanta fame, a haze filled anthem that will definitely find its way into many an evening drive playlist.

The point of “Culture” seems pretty straight forward but is actually subversive if you gave it some thought. A lot of emerging musicians have either been forcefully co-opted into the New Age movement by the media and the biggest fans of the movement. Others have aligned themselves to the movement not because they believe in the ideals being promoted, but because they can see it is gaining mainstream attention and want to mooch off some of that buzz. Teffy’s new single seems to simultaneously praise true believers and call out those who are either skeptical or doubtful. Buddying up with Ka$h is almost a bid of sorts, to show us he has his bonafides and even the outsiders and the rebels wanna fuck with him.

Perhaps, “Culture” would have benefited from some refinement, but it does a good job to pushing it’s point across as is. Doing it for the culture will not get any more appealing than this.

Listen to “Culture” here.

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