Sute Iwar’s “Girl Like You” continues his exploration of 90’s hiphop tropes

Sute Iwar is looking for a girl like you

As Sute Iwar navigates a return to the Nigerian music industry’s top echelons he has slowly chosen to return to the purist origins of the musical genres he is inspired by, especially hip-hop. Starting with the folk inspired “Juno” released 9 months ago (and featuring the distinctive piano sample that popped up on Wavy The Creator’s monster hit “H.I.G.H” six months later), “Overtime”released under the now inactive Friday Cruise collective and the excellent 90’s R&B heavy bop “Get Back!”, which Iwar refers to as ‘something for the fans’, it is obvious that Iwar was making music mostly for himself. His new single “Girl like You” might be his first commercial single this year.

With production that will remind purists of Dr. Dre at his peak production wise, (think heavy synth, drum machine loops and a minimalist sound) Sute Iwar raps about a manic pixie dream girl, musing on her otherness and how her wit and reluctance to bow to anyone makes her extra attractive to him. That too was a common 90’s trope but Sute knows just how to update the idea for a contemporary audience. “Girl Like You” segues into an unexpected bridge that switches things up with afrobeats break down. It is unexpected quirks like this that throws off the listener and affirms Iwar’s talent.

We are really looking forward to a major project, if this is anything to go by.

Listen to “Girl Like You” here.


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Sute Iwar’s “Overtime” is a jaunty little doo-wop bop