Songs of the Day: New Music From Ajebo Hustlers, Focalistic, Blxckie & More

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2022 is no longer a new year, and Afropop knows that very well. As much as the previous year was packed with scene-defining achievements, especially within the context of global growth, the only way to keep the momentum from falling off is for artists to keep reaching into their bag for great music that holds the ears and captures the hearts of millions of listeners across the continent and well beyond. That’s exactly what’s been happening, so much so that there’s hundreds of new singles, at-least one new must-hear album and a new smash hit every week.

Amid this torrent of new music, the NATIVE is committed to highlighting the best releases you need to hear, and possibly add to your playlists. That’s the essence of our ‘Songs of the Day’ column. On Wednesday, we shared new music from Davido, Sute Iwar and others. Today, we have new drops from DedayoTheSage, Blxckie, Senami, and more.


Ghanaian acts unarguably create some of the most explosive rap songs in the continent. Kweku Smoke’s skillset revolves around the thumping bass of drill, and he treads the path in “Chairman”. Looping keys and sizzling drums set him for brilliance, singing the instantly memorable hook in Twi while his features colour immaculate pockets of space with distinctive styles. 


In February, South African MC released the 4Luv EP where he eased listeners into balmy takes on relationships and their relative drama. His latest single follows a sharp delve from those sensibilities, showcasing the firebrand qualities that made Blxckie so loved initially. “Khuphuka” features head-bopping percussion and shiny keys, dropping intermittently with measured pace as the rapper skirts comfortably around with proclamations of his appeal. 


Focalistic’s consistency borders on obsession with music. Every other weekend is attended by new music from the South African rapper and true to his talent, the quality is never in question. On “3310” he collaborates with familiar names, layering diverse voices over the syncopathic throb of the song. The party flourishes set the tempo for the verses which are delivered with characteristic energy. If you have to celebrate over the weekend, this is a bop you’ll want to turn up to.


Fresh off two nominations at the 2022 Headies, Ajebo Hustlers have released a new song. “In Love” is a mellow number about loving one’s partner, lined with the electric witticism the Port Harcourt-bred duo are famed for. Fave’s scintillating vocals provide the evocative hook, forming a satisfying duet with Piego. Paired with relaxing drums and bright guitars, the song demonstrates the cosmopolitan sheen coming off the recent releases of Ajebo Hustlers. 


Mohbad’s understanding of Street Pop is flagrantly distinct. With hits like “Komajensun” and “Feel Good”, the Marlian Records artist has made his baritone an inescapable part of the Lagos nightlife. “Ronaldo” is almost certain to become a hit song, richly referencing football players over a beat that sounds like trouble. The song’s appeal is polished by his authoritative swag, constructing verses that would make an immediate impression on any listener. 


The popular sound of Nigeria as we know it today isn’t possible without the contributions of women. In recent times, that fact is further proven by the myriad entries of exciting female musicians on the scene. Senami is a name you should take note of. Her debut single “Body” was released today, and already showcases the impressive hues of her vocals and a sensual allure which pronounces the song’s title. “Your body, your body; I’m wanting, wanting body/ And I know you are calling, so stop acting funny” she sings with suggestive brevity on the stirring chorus. 


The Lagos-based musician DedayoTheSage put out a two-pack today. Melancholic thoughts follow “Rainy Days” where he layers his smooth vocals over pensive production. Like many new-school acts, Dedayo’s awareness of his mental space is obvious. “Cheese” sees him join forces with Shayo Davids, making a delve into the pomp we associate with mainstream Pop. Their better qualities are yet in display, syncing with remarkable ease over the spritzy record.

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