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It’s that time of the year again, Patreon and present the Alternative Power 100 Music List 2021, also known as the #AltList 2021, which was first introduced in 2017 as a response to the lack of diversity in Billboard’s Power 100 List. is a globally independent community of strong women and gender minorities in the music industry which began in September of 2014 by Andrea Magdalena in London, UK. Starting out as a passion project, has turned into one of the largest communities in the music business and is still getting bigger. A community filled with record labels, artist management companies and booking agencies, also comprises technology and creative agencies, composers, artists and more with offices in London and L.A. uses its platform as a mission to connect and empower underrepresented communities towards a more equitable music industry for all, one woman or gender minority at a time. 


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This year’s #Altlist 2021 theme is ‘The New Creative Economy’ celebrating those at the forefront of the new era shaking up the music industry. Characterised by democratisation and increased financial empowerment, the new creative economy has been made possible due to the impressive and commendable works by independent creators and entrepreneurs who push to break down the barriers that have been known to have restricted access in the past. By engineering new ways to own your work and with community-supported financing – no matter how big or small – the music industry’s new path allows independent creatives to fully excel in this new creative economy. The #Altlist 2021 is not limited to any gender so all genders are welcomed. 

As with all industries around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic last year put a strain on the operations of a system where the music industry’s independent creators, thinkers and entrepreneurs can thrive successfully. It was out of this adversity that this fruitful partnership between Patreon and came to be. 

In this year’s list, there will be special awards and 10 new unique categories, covering areas like artistry, community, records labels, and many more. 


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For four years, the Alternative Power 100 List has since been highly sought after by many artists, and creatives in the music industry who aim at traditionally underrepresented communities. 

To ensure your fave or someone you feel deserves to be on this list makes it on, you can now cast your nominations till November 12th. To find out more about how to make your nominations, check here.

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