See the tragic story of the harsh reality of the street life in Superwozzy’s “The Cops The Youth The Country” music video

Presented like a damning evidence to bury SARS for good

Hip-hop’s gritty and unapologetic honesty sets the genre up as the perfect weapon of choice for artists trying to make bold socio-political statements. Though personality is more important than the genre, as far as making an impact goes, rappers seem to have an instinctive ability to convey powerful messages with the potential to speak against oppression. With the 2019 general elections edging ever closer, rappers are doubling down on their political sensibilities as Superwozzy addresses the political issues dominating conversations and the wave of police incidents. His “The Cops The Youth The Country” is peak conscious rap with lyrics primed to light a fire in the hearts of listeners to inspire positive change.

“The Cops The Youth The Country” asides establishing Superwozzy as a concerned citizen of the country, also earmarks his deft ability, stringing words together in captivating rhymes while also weaving those rhymes into stunning narratives that retain listener’s attention. Over a decidedly soulful beat, Superwozzy retells the story of a young hustler in such riveting detail that the familiar hip-hop narrative feels like nothing we’ve never heard before. In less than 5 minutes, his lyrics describe the day to day hardships of being a young creative in a conservative and overpoliced society.—“SARS Mu Wa La Se/ Wan Mr Bean Wa/ Treating Us Like Trash bi Idoti Ninu Bin Wa”( Sars Took us by the legs/Did us like Mr Bean/treating us like trash, like I idiots, in our own bin). 

Perhaps aware that his ability to create meaningful change is just as dependent on his lyrical content as it is on being heard by an audience that might act upon what they’ve heard, Superwozzy just released an accompanying music video for “The Cops The Youth The Country”, capturing the entire lifestyle of the persona the song creates. The music video Nayaeffectz directs is set in the hood, following Superwozzy’s tragic story on the harsh reality of the street life and the police’s hand in making it even more unbearable. And with lawyer-like coherence, the video also contains a number of graphic clips from news channels reporting Nigeria’s security challenges, presented like damning evidence to bury SARS for good.

You can watch the music video for “The Cops The Youth The Country” below.

Featured Image Credits/ Wayvee VEVO
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