Sarkodie’s new video for “Gboza” is one of the more interesting videos you’ll watch this week

Sarkodie bringing the laughs and the sauce

Words by Fisayo Okare

The thing about good music is that it creates memories. When you hear it, you dance, you feel good. You don’t even have to understand what is being said to immerse yourself in it. It is this feeling you get after watching the music video for “Gboza” from Sarkodie. Although, the Ghanaian rapper doesn’t feature in the music video, each shot keeps you glued to the end, you may even find yourself clicking replay afterwards.

Sarkodie has always delivered in Twi, and while some have argued it alienates fans who aren’t Akan-speaking people of Ghana, he always finds a way to bridge the language gap with superb melodies and videos that give a proper feel good vibe. You may go the extra mile to know the meaning of what he is saying to fully feel it, and chant “Gboza” along with him, each time it comes up.

The release of “Gboza” comes after his collaboration with Runtown Ghanaian ‘homecoming’ “Painkiller” in February, the same month Sarkodie bagged the most nominations for this year’s the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

“Gboza” is a praise word and features the humour of Samuel Yaw Dabo, through his escapades in the song’s narrative, which makes the video, directed by Prince Dovlo, interesting to watch.

Check out the Video for Sarkodie’s “Gboza” below

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