A-Q Gets Provocative On New Single, “Hmmm”

comes with an accompanying video to help convey his sinister opinions

A key part of A-Q’s notoriety in the earlier days of his career was his unflinching dedication to bluntness, even if it meant entering into rap beefs and real life tiffs even. Although he’s pared that trait down as he’s grown into an elder statesman in Nigerian hip-hop circles over the last few years, he’s letting the devil use him on his new, shit-stirring single “Hmmm”. Straddling the lines between blatant mockery and instinctive polemic, A-Q’s vitriol spiked lyrics takes aim at young, new age rappers who he perceives as imposters using the rebellious aesthetic of the alté movement as a cover up for the lack of content and innovation in their music.

Making things a bit more personal, he mixes in bars about his street cred as well as his investment portfolio. “balling outta line, that’s a throw-in/oh that’s your fave, I don’t know him/told him for real and I ain’t even tryna troll him”, he bluntly raps over the menacing trap beat, spotting belligerent 808 bass and ominous keys. The accompanying music video Samuel Achema directs, features candid shots of A-Q rapping his bars in a simultaneously serious and mischievous candour, with the addition of a batman costume and the notable Street Fighter-esque edits helping to convey his sinister opinions. A-Q is gearing up to release his final studio album (reportedly, because rappers don’t retire), and “Hmmm” seems like an indication that he plans to shake as many tables as he can before going off into the sunset.

You can watch the video for “Hmmm” below.

Featured Image Credits: Youtube/ThisisAQ

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