PsychoYP & Odomodublvck combine on new drill song, “Bando Diaries”

A crowning moment of sorts for Abuja's creatively boundless rap scene

The burgeoning ascendance of Drill music from the coffers of Abuja to the rest of the country and, by extension, the world, has been a steep and increasingly rewarding one. “Bando Dairies,” the new single from PsychoYP which features fellow Abuja trap/drill stalwart Odomodublvck, is a crowning moment of sorts, as it sees two of the scene’s leading voices bounce of each other for a high-octane gritty anthem.


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Last month, more eyes and ears were attuned to the creatively boundless rap scene in Nigeria’s capital city, by way of Atlanta-based rapper dndSection’s seeming slight against PsychoYP. The ensuing on-wax tiff spilled beyond its immediate participant, with several Abuja-based rappers taking dnd’s Best Rapper out of Africa claim personal, backing YP with scathing diss tracks that inadvertently roped in the English rap scene in Lagos. Regardless of how you viewed situation, and the entire efficacy of beefs in Nigerian rap, those disses culminated into a timely statement from a rumbling scene.

Rather than let the controversial high fade away, two of Abuja’s most notable voices are backing their claim up with “Bando Dairies,” a high octane slapper that’s equal parts menacing and intoxicating. In typically unflustered and sublime form, PsychoYP employs a flow that contorts, dovetails and engages the jagged beat, proving once again his uncanny knack for finding ear-holding pockets with his agile and malleable voice. Proving a complimentary counter point, Odomodublvck continues to define his mystique, painting vivid images of his gritty times in the bando.

Its accompanying video, helmed by long-time YP collaborator Kuddi is Dead, is a supercut of energetic performances from PsychoYP and Odomodublvck, always in the company of a menacing posse. Overall, it matches the fervent and aggressive tenor of the song.

Watch the video for “Bando Dairies” here.