NATIVE Premiere: Wurld shares the enthralling new video for “Press”

accompanied by two new videos

In the earlier parts of the year, WurlD pulled out all the stops with the release of his 19-track debut album ‘My WorlD With U’, stamping himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene. Unarguably one of the most unprecedented musician in these parts, WurlD has consistently showcased where he could go sonically with his length discography running the span of moods. Fan favourite, ‘I LOVE GIRLS WITH TROBUL’ produced timeless hits like “EGO” and “MAD” while ‘AFROSOUL’ explored another side to his soulful productions with gems like “NATIONAL ANTHEM(GROWING WINGS)” and “LOVE NOBODY”. 

For his debut project, ‘My WorlD With U’, WurlD employed stark vulnerability and rawness as he explored intimacy and the depths of his sentiments towards his love interest. With the except of three tracks, WurlD delivers stellar solo performances as he engages in self-examination across the project. “PRESS”, a standout single from the project sees WurlD express his admiration and willingness to go all out for his love interest.


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The new video for “PRESS” open up with a warm blue colour palette and WurlD sitting in a blue sports car, sat next to his love interest. The pair are juxtaposed with each other in contrasting dark hues of red and blue. The clips smoothly transition into one another as the pair deliver their solo dance performances. The message of intimacy on the track and album is adequately reinforced as the video close out with visually compelling clip of WurlD getting his hair dyed by the lover.

“PRESS” visuals are also accompanied with the album short film, ‘My WorlD With U’ with videos from “SAME AS YOU” and “NAKED RAIN”. Ahead of the video’s release, we spoke to WurlD concerning his inspiration and execution of the tracks visuals.

His answers follow below. 

NATIVE: Why did you decide to shoot a short film for the record, “Press?”  

Wurld: I felt like shooting a traditional video for “Press” doesn’t fulfil my goals for the album ‘My WorlD with U’ as whole. There are so many hidden gems on this album and this was my opportunity to shine light on some of the other songs on the album.

The short film is divided into two parts, how were you able to comfortably split this into two in a way that it’ll still be consumed properly by listeners?

It’s wasn’t easy deciding how to present the visuals knowing peoples attention span is really short these days. I Made the decisions to split it into two instead of 3 to make it easier for people to digest. The lovers of “Press” song can watch it and also have the option to watch the film separately.

What was the inspiration behind this video? 

The inspiration behind this video was simplicity and attention details while creating moods that compliments the audio.

Will you say you were able to bring the idea in your head to life with this short film? 

To be honest, I always want to do more but I’m extremely proud and happy how these videos came out. My appreciation goes to everyone that worked with me to bring the vision to life.

Featured image credits/WurlD