The Plot Twist To This Mr Eazi Video Is More Confusing Than You’ll Think

He should have stuck with vibez videos

Mr Eazi is still aggressively marketing  his Accra to Lagos mix-tape with “Feelings” being the latest single off the project to get the music video treatment. While the EP wasn’t as acclaimed as his pre-released singles, Mr Eazi has managed to remain in the mainstream with the strategic spread of his video releases. “Feelings” was shot last year in South Africa by Uproot Media but Mr Eazi didn’t put out the video till the first of May.

Following the narrative of the song, Uproot media directs a 3 minutes length film on Mr Eazi’s relationship woes. His romance with his babe goes south after he catches a glimpse of a man in her bed room while video calling her. Subsequent shots show her trying to explain away the unfortunate situation but an unconvinced Mr Eazi heads to her house seemingly ready to rant and perhaps break things off. But after the twist in the end, they make up and walk into the sunset to live happily ever after. Well unless Mr Eazi eventually notices the plot holes in the story.

We always wondered why previous videos from the EP were tagged “Vibez Video” but after watching the video for “Feelings”, it’s clear he isn’t a big fan of complicated plots. Although the video was barely over 3 minutes long, he ended up with a plot hole in his attempt at a proper story line. The two men who show up smiling aren’t realistic explanation for why a man was in his girl’s bed room. The end leaves you with more questions than the ending of “Collateral Beauty”.

Watch the video for “Feelings” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Mr Eazi

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