1-Listen Review of ‘LV N ATTN’ by Sarz & Lojay

Featuring a mind-blowing verse from Wizkid

As he rightfully professed on his early 2019 project, Sarz is not your mate. One of Nigeria’s most exciting producers, Sarz has a bevvy of soundscapes up his sleeve, and a unique penchant for collaborative music-making that has worked to the benefit of many of our brightest stars, not least Wizkid and Niniola.

Producing defining singles for both acts, such as “Beat of Life” and “Maradona”, Sarz further proved he was the magic trick when he brought out a joint project with WurlD, ‘I LOVE GIRLS WITH TROBUL‘, fusing with the self-professed Afrosoul artist in effortless style.

Like all of us, budding Afro-fusion star, Lojay, has had a front row seat to Sarz’s production prowess, and unsurprisingly set his sights on working with the industry front-runner. Bold and perseverant, Lojay reached out to Sarz looking for just one single, but in true Sarz fashion, the pair found themselves with a full EPs worth of music, stocked with potential hits that should take us through the summer.

Leading with a strong Best New Music contender at the time, “Tonongo” was an exciting tease of the strength and synergy this new duo have to offer. Setting him on course, the full EP ‘LV N ATTN‘ lives up to the stellar standard set by its lead single, and here is what I had to say about it on first listen.

In usual 1-listen review fashion, all reactions are in real time while the music plays. No pauses, rewinds, fast-forwards or skip


I am so excited for this project by this first song. The familiarity of it all is so inviting, plus what a seductive, alluring opening!? Lojay’s silky vocals, plus Sarz’s melodic production, and that kick… Christ, this song is so sweet. Ok, the second verse is a oh.. ok this bass guitar?? You guys need to pump up the bass on your speakers when bumping this track. Ok, time to get into unfamiliar territory, the end of this song feels bittersweet, because I love it so much I don’t want it to end but, new music time!

“Park O x3”

HELLOO!!!! Sarz is showing UP! with this introduction. Yes, I want to sit in a Mercedes, God forgive me not sure about methodist. These lyrics are hilarious, I wonder where he’s going with this. The beat is absolutely crazy. Lojay is really quite a witty lyricist, I greatly appreciate the vehicular puns he’s dishing out on this track. And his switch up game, when it comes to all the different flows and melodies he runs trough, is also fire. The highlight of this song is definitely Sarz’s production with that rock-like intro that reappears at the end.

“LV N ATTN” featuring Wizkid

Ok, I am ready for this one!! Loving the soft chimes to introduce it. Lojay kind of sounds like Wizkid I nearly thought this was it – or maybe I’m projecting my wants and needs to hear Wiz, my GOAT.

OK THIS HOOK IS FLAMES Lojay took it to the falsetto and this is about to be a HIT, Thank God I am hitting the club this weekend!!! Is this Wizkid? I’m so unclear… wait, Wizkid is like… rapping ? Okay, this is so different and SO hard!! I credit Sarz, always bringing out the best. Ugh Wizkid is giving the bars that screaming treatment, it reminds me of Thug and I might cry. I hope DJs play the Wizkid verse, because it’s coming late on in the song, but it’s also one of the best Wizkid feature verses in recent time. From ‘Made in Lagos‘ I’m so used to hearing one kind of Wiz, which he does perfectly, but this new flex has blown me away.


Okay, this is a chill number, a bit underwhelming and kind of generic, especially following the high of the previous song. Oops, but this hook is phenomenal. Lojay really knows how to arrest our attention over the hook – also he is incredible with melodies. I am a really big fan! The production is a bit boring and kind of a disappointing offering from Sarz, but I am just so sold on Lojay it’s alright. Oh, Okay Sarz gets into his bag on the last ten seconds.


Okay, a fun dance number. Rapid shakers here, mellow chords there, Lojay masterclass everywhere. This project needs to be longer, I am so upset this is the last song. We need a Niniola remix of “Monalisa” sha. Sorry to be that person who boxes artists but I NEED to here “Nini de” on this record.

Final Thoughts

Sarz is such an incredible producer and collaborator, he has so many artists with whom he just naturally melds, as though they are destined to make music together. From Wizkid to Niniola, WurlD, and now Lojay, whenever Sarz gets down with an artist, the music they make together comes up in back to back bangers, and that’s exactly what he’s done here with Lojay.

As a rising singer who has been grinding underground for some years, according to the press it was Lojay’s perseverance and the power of social media that got him into the room with Sarz but from the sounds of this tape, he already had what it took to stay there. Lojay is naturally smooth and boasts a number of strengths. He knows how to work a melody, his lyricism is punchy and he definitely knows how to create a Pop sensational record. I’d be surprised if a few of these songs didn’t make it into the charts. A cool eclectic blend of world genres, from Rock tones to Dance grooves, to R&B and Afropop, Sarz unites these disparate sounds into one cohesive joint, with undeniable mainstream appeal.