Paradise Motel debuts strong with EgoSex

No longer a one-hit wonder

Paradise Motel, a Spanish rock band with a Nigerian lead singer released “Holy Ghost”, their debut single last year igniting a wave of interest from genre fans and music lovers alike. The single portrayed the band as a bluesy rock band drawing heavily from gospel soul and religious references but the song’s music video featured cuts that helped to clarify that the metaphors were only traces of the indie rock band’s dark and haunting narrative.

Their first body of work, Ego Sex features “Holy Ghost” and 4 new tracks that streamline the band’s aesthetic, and properly introduces us to the musings of Jibril, their lead singer. Ego Sex is through and through a breakup album, exploring the deepest depths of obsessive relationships and the dark places heartbreak can take a man. It is intensely personal stuff.

Listen to Paradise Motel’s Ego Sex EP here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Paradise Hotel