ODIE’s “Little Lies” asks some fundamental questions about God and human existence

What if it was all a lie?

ODIE’s gospel-like production coupled with his deep but gentle voice emphasizes the message on “Little Lies”, his first single from his forthcoming ‘Analogue’ project. “Little Lies” opens with soft guitar melodies that are accompanied by drum sounds as the song progressesSelf-awareness and introspection make us question our beliefs, over the instrumentals, ODIE sings, “What If all this was a little lie/ what if all my sins never met a God”.  ODIE’sLittle Lies” makes listeners wonder if the fear of tampering with the concept of faith and purpose of human existence could be making the world worse; perhaps, “Only Then Would You Realize, The Sky Is Falling”.

You can listen below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/odiexyz

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