The NATIVE Launches New Women-Focused Vertical, uNruly

Happy International Women's Day

Over the past few years, The NATIVE has been devoted to documenting the impact of popular culture on tomorrow: today, and over time, this has only intensified. Whilst carving out a niche to be the pulse of the young African, feminist values have been at the core of everything we do at The NATIVE Magazine. This is not only because the editorial operations are helmed by women, but because we believe in the fair and equal treatment of all people, regardless of gender, religion, nationality, sexuality, or anything else. So we birthed uNruly, a space for The NATIVE Woman, by the NATIVE’s women. 



It is imperative that we use our platform to empower women, amplify their voices and stand in solidarity with women as they continue to strive for an equal footing in this unjustly androcentric world. Thus came the birth of uNruly —a vertical of The NATIVE which aims to create disruptive discourse around African popular culture. The women of The NATIVE Networks have carved out this digital and experiential space for young, black, African women to bare all and let loose, building upon the foundation we have set in the company’s 6-year history. With uNruly, we are focused on building a community, country and continent that caters directly to the needs of young, African women through stellar storytelling and unique experiences. 

Launching today, the new vertical will maintain the theme of this year’s Women’s History Month ‘the women who tell our stories’, and use this platform to continue to do so. Remember what Beyoncé said about chopping the wood from the tree and making your own table? Welcome to your own table, girls. 



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