NATIVE Premiere: Vict0ny wants to “Pray”

prayer is key

Earlier this year, rising star Vict0ny was on the cusp of a breakthrough. Following the release of 2020’s ‘Saturn,’ a collection of radio-ready hits, the singer was primed to soar into greater heights off the back of his melody-driven sound. Then the worst happened–Vict0ny survived a near-fatal accident which changed the course of his life and his faith forever.


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Back in July, the singer released a two-pack single titled ‘Dark Times,’ a title that informs the harshness of some of the song’s lyrics. More than an avenue to say what he was feeling at the time, the standout track “Pray” served as a representation of a specific time, where his mother’s prayers became the soundtrack to his life. Backed by her incredible faith and his, the singer offered lyrics such as “This smile I carry for my face oh/E dey hide wetin I dey face,” over soothing ambient production.

To further expand the world around the catchy track, Vict0ny has now shared the song’s official video which builds on its solemn lyrics. The Splash-directed video features varying clips of the artist performing his verse against contrasting backgrounds and sartorial choices. In one scene, we see the artist in a garden clad in all black while surrounded by people who may be described as family and friends seeing him through his hard times. In another scene, Vict0ny and his collaborators are clad in all white, signalling a move from despair to hope.

Armed to the teeth with affirmations, the video for “Pray” is meant to offer both the singer and his loyal fans some solace. Ahead of the video’s official release, we caught up with the singer on the inspiration behind the video, the process of creating it, and his religious faith.

His answers which follow below have been lightly edited for clarity.

NATIVE: What does this song mean to you?

VICT0NY: The song means a lot to me. It’s a timestamp in my life. When I listen sometimes, I’m so connected to it and I forget that it’s my own voice. It speaks to me and it’ll forever remind me about April 2021.

NATIVE: What was the inspiration behind the song’s video concept?

VICT0NY: When I was writing the concept of the video, I had two things in mind. I wanted a very simple video that’ll show how important a mother’s prayer is in her child’s life. I also wanted people to see how my friends and family stuck with me in my dark times.

NATIVE: Does your faith or religion have any bearing on your music?

VICT0NY: Yes it does 

NATIVE: What was the most memorable part of creating the song and video?

VICT0NY: Memorable part of creating the song would be; composing the second verse. The lines came to me instantly and I ran with it. I had just read something on the internet that pissed me off and it just came to my head like “too many talks wey Dey make man vex …”

With the video, it’ll be the journey we embarked on to get to the location. You know being carried by my friends to the boat, and traveling with them was indeed a memorable experience. That’s the longest I have been on water. Traveling that far to find a location that fits the mood board made me realise how hard we were working to bring the idea to life.

NATIVE: If you could remix this song, who would you feature?

VICT0NY: I can’t really think of anyone for now

Watch the full video for “Pray” here.

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