NATIVE Premiere: SOLIS is solemn and reflective on “In Memory Of Us”

another heart-wrenching single from the singer

Since SOLIS made her debut in 2019 with her alluring single “Angel,” the Lagos-based singer has continuously proven she’s a once-in-a-generation type of star. Ever since then, the Nigerian indie-soul artist has consistently met the demand for music that is refreshing and new in today’s saturated climate.


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Last year, SOLIS made a solid comeback with the release of her long-awaited EP ‘Stairway To Heaven,’ a 7-track which permanently stamped her colossal presence in. This year, SOLIS has done everything but slowed down her pace. On the recently released Native Sound System debut LP ‘NATIVEWORLD’, she made a guest appearance on “Good Good”. In her usual style, she airs her romantic feelings as she paints a vivid image with her silky voice while expressing the adoration of love. SOLIS continues to tell stories of the heart and the divine as vulnerability becomes her strong suit.

Now, the singer has arrived with her most recent offering for her loyal fans titled “In Memory Of Us.” The new record narrates the story of two lovers whose fates are intertwined despite being bad for each other. She taps into multiple emotions on the record, in usual SOLIS style and glides fearlessly across the smooth yet groovy production of the track.

As the record opens up melodiously, SOLIS chants the lyrics “You never liked your picture taken, you were always escaping.” The backup vocals lay a concrete foundation for the entire record, making it very easy to consume. Ahead of the release of the record, SOLIS shared with the NATIVE:

“It’s okay to be vulnerable and that we all possess that courage—to face the difficult parts, the hurt. It’s okay to still be healing. It’s okay to not want to confront certain feelings on some days. It’s okay to be honest with yourself, you deserve that, at least. And it’s okay to still feel good about the good parts of a relationship turned sour. Don’t run, like I did.”

Listen to “In Memory Of Us” here

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