NATIVE Premiere: Watch Maya Amolo embrace nature in the video for “Lush Green”

The power of nature and good friends

New York-based Kenyan artist, Maya Amolo may have been known to friends as the pregame girl before the release of her debut project ‘Leave Me at the Pregame’ but now, she has made a compelling case for being three steps ahead in the game, as she reflexively soundtracks your journey to healing in just 7 songs.

Maya has now followed up on the release of her debut project with a vibrant music video for “Lush Green“, one of the standout tracks off the new project and also a personal favourite of Maya’s. “Lush Green” is a deeply honest number where she delves into her deepest, darkest fears as she sings ‘the thought of failing scares me’. On the track, confronting negative emotions about her past, she still offers some resolve, urging listeners to push ahead and chase their dreams because she believes in their collective power.

In the vibrant video directed by Mumbi Muturi, Maya is seen soaking up the beauty of her natural surroundings with fervour. The video opens up with her submerged in a bathtub of water, possibly representing the tumultuous thoughts she’s singing about. Thrust into Maya’s green world, we see that things start picking up when she’s surrounded by the shade of the trees and the warmth of close friends, visualising how Maya felt when she moved over to New York for her studies in the dead of the winter.

Speaking to the NATIVE about the new video, Maya shares that:

“For me, this visual is the perfect representation of what makes me feel most cared for and comfortable, and what I was writing about when I was homesick in New York in the winter: The comfort of a green garden and support from people at home”

Watch the video for “Lush Green” exclusively below.

Featured image credits/MayaAmolo

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